Cd's / Discos 

David Giorcelli Trio

"My Blues & Boogie Woogie Roots"

David Giorcelli Trio

"Rambling with my boogie"

Amphora Records 2007

David Giorcelli Trio

"Live at Bel-luna"

Bleck Music Records 2010

David Giorcelli Trio

"Hotel Boogie"

Rosazul 2009

Wax & Boogie feat. Drew Davies

"7 years"


Wax & Boogie Rhythm Combo "Come with me"

Rosazul 2014

Wax & Boogie Big Combo


Autoeditado 2016


Wax & Boogie

"Lost in a dream - Milano Club Blues Nights"

Autoeditado 2012

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